T’s and C’s



At Baby Market we always strive to sell pre owned goods in good and usable condition to our clients, on an excellent value for money basis, as an alternative to the purchase of new goods.

However, certain terms and conditions apply to the selling and buying of goods from us:

  1. Please note that all pre owned goods sold by Baby Market:
  2. Have been cleaned and washed appropriately to achieve maximum possible restoration close to similar new products, but allowing for normal wear and tear,
  3. Have been properly inspected within the reasonable parameters of due diligence, for any patent defects which are clearly visible over and above normal wear and tear. Material defects will always be disclosed to the purchaser, including any latent defects that we have knowledge of.  Baby Market is not liable for additional latent defects which we were not aware of. (also refer to point 5 below)
  4. Since it is a realistic fact that the standard or condition of second-hand goods will differ from the condition of newly manufactured goods, Purchasers are urged to take reasonable care in so far as being familiar with the condition of the goods purchased and are satisfied in committing to a sales agreement.
  5. In the case of electrical and electronic goods, we perform limited testing on the items regarding their workability and this fact would be stated on the packaging / label of the goods. Advanced and complete functionality of these devices as intended by the manufacturer, as to specific modes and applications, would not necessary have been tested by us.
  6. Thus, following on the aforementioned, Baby Market is unable to accept any returns


  1. The item/s purchased, contains a material latent defect, meeting the criteria below:
  2. In the event of material latent defects which renders the goods unusable and neither Baby Market or the Purchaser were honestly aware of such latent defects, at the time of sale, returns will be accepted subject to taking the aforementioned conditions into account and will be considered by Baby Market on an individual case basis and the merits of the particular circumstances.
  3. Any claims in terms of this concession, must be made in writing to Baby Market within 48 hours of purchase.

Special notice in respect of baby car seats

In addition to the normal procedure of inspection as outlined above, we do a visible check for signs of damaged parts, damaged straps and visible tampering, however we do not perform retesting for adherence to R44/04 certification, as most of the big brands available in baby stores meet these standards (South African car seats subscribe to European regulations and have to be certified by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), according to the Automobile Association (AA) of South Africa.  Look for a R44/04 certification sticker on the side or bottom of the car seat.  Most of the big brands available in South Africa, will meet these.)

Purchasers are also advised to take into account the car seat specifications with regard to age, weight and other possible aspects, when choosing a suitable product.